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Hierro Aloe Soap - Chocolate, 95g

Hierro Aloe Soap - Chocolate, 95g
Hierro Aloe Soap - Chocolate, 95g


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Hierro Aloe handmade soaps of Aloe Vera and olive oil, coconut and seeds, give the skin a delicate and emollient treatment. Containing the healing and regenerative properties of aloe vera.
Olive oil is delicate, softening and emollient for the skin, with a high moisturizing and nourishing power. The richness in vitamin E, gives it a great antioxidant effect.
Coconut oil is an excellent antimicrobial, antiparasitic, antioxidant, and antiviral.
Cocoa is a body moisturizer, improves and relieves burns caused by the sun. High moisturizing, anti-inflammatory power. Great contribution of antioxidants. It benefits circulation. Softens stretch marks and wrinkles. Ideal for grooming in anti-cellulite treatment